Adding visuals to your content is crucial. No one wants to read a black and white, visually boring page of what you are currently up to. That is reserved for the monthly family update from Great Aunt Mildred. Don’t be like Great Aunt Mildred, get creative!


Social media posts are already more visual based, but your newsletter and website could probably use a little pizazz.


Using color bar breaks between topics is a great way to move the eye across the page, forcing your audience to engage with your content in an unconscious manner. Adding pictures also causes the eye to immediately travel to that section. Use these to your advantage but be selective about images. Make sure that what you are adding to your pages and content makes sense.


Be mindful of the color choices you are making as well. Color theory is a great starting place. Make a critical overview of all of your content and see what works together and what doesn’t. Make sure that everything is clear and easy to read. No bright yellow text on a white background, please! And if you haven’t already, consider curating a color theme for your website and newsletters. Your website could be in shades of blue, and your newsletter could be in color ranges that match the topics you are sharing.


At our core, we are all just creatures who like to look at pretty pictures. Indulge in that deep seated want and provide some variety in your newsletters and other content.