At a loss for what to put in your next blog post or newsletter?



Consider adding updates on your writing process and behind the scenes stories. Updates on your life and travel, especially if it relates to your current or upcoming work, can be a huge boost.


Did anything specific happen to inspire your current work in progress? Maybe it was that trip you took 3 years ago to Rome or to the Grand Canyon? Did you have a tire blow out in the middle of nowhere? Even something as small as getting caught in a rain shower on your way home from your favorite coffee shop can be a wonderful addition for your readers.


The people who are invested in your writing are also interested in your stories. The human element and the details that go with that are the reasons why people love reading stories.


Certain aspects of your life and professional details may not always be the best things to share on a platform. Be discerning about publishing these things, as it may backfire and cause unnecessary issues.


Catering to your audience is one of the best options. Humans are all unique and complex individuals. Keep in mind what they may or may not want to read about. Edgy and sensitive topics may succeed in gaining you a new form of audience, but it could also alienate your current audience. The same things posted over and over may cause you to lose their interest as well.


A lot of it is trial and error to figure out what works best for you and your audience. But you have strength in writing, or else you wouldn’t be doing this, would you?