Building Relationships within the Writing Community


Why might an author build a community with like-genre authors on social media? Who might be included in that community? What are the benefits of being a part of an online community?

The writing community is supportive across social media platforms. They are nurturing, inclusive, generous, and more. These communities vary between platforms with interaction and support. They are fantastic.

The reading community is where you, the author, want to be. That is understandable as these are the people buying and reading books. These are also the people leaving reviews.

Don’t negate the shortcut from the like-genre writing community to your ideal reader. Your like-genre author reads and writes. These authors have followers. These authors have blogs, newsletters, social platforms, book promotions, and so much more.

These authors understand the value of author support, collaboration, peer-to-peer engagement, book reviews, and more. Who better to partner with than like-genre authors?

Engage within the writing community. It’s a win for all authors.