Consistency is key



Consistency is the key to building and maintaining your following and relationships.


If you only engage with your audience twice a year, how are they supposed to count on your content? Most times they will assume you are no longer active on the platform and turn their attention elsewhere. You know the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.”


If you remember that you haven’t posted in weeks, and then publish 10 posts in a row, will your audience be interested in the information dump? Probably not. They may read and click on a few of them, but the majority of that content will be ignored.


Consistency is key. Make it a point to draft and schedule your content weeks in advance. There are so many sites and apps that make this easy.


Some trial and error may be needed to find a sweet spot of engagement. Once a week too much? Or too little? Are your emails being opened the most? Or are your social media posts the big-ticket items?


Take advantage of metrics and pay attention to what type of content is successful or not and adjust from there. It is an important habit to build if you want continued support and engagement on the platforms you have a presence on. Today’s audience is different, and they consume an enormous amount of content on a daily basis. Make sure that some of that is yours.