Every day offers new opportunities if you know what to look for



For you, the author, all interactions are potential opportunities. That doesn’t mean you need to repeatedly remind your followers about when your next book is coming out.


Is an opportunity simply a moment where you get to talk about yourself and what you’re working on? Sure, if you’re thinking about the immediate future. The best opportunities are the ones that take a little bit of work.


Maybe there is a bookstore or a library that you frequent, and they have author nights. That is an opportunity to promote yourself in an environment that is already tuned to listen. What about your favorite coffee shop or bar? Do they have open mic nights? Perhaps you could do a reading from your new book or perform some of your favorite poetry. Getting your name out there is important, too.


Podcasts are a fantastic opportunity for new and established authors. Make sure you do research and actually enjoy the show before committing to be a guest. You want this potential opportunity to work with you, not against you.


Social media is one of the best formats for opportunities that you create yourself, but it is also awash with false advertising and fake accounts. Be sure to thoroughly vet every opportunity that comes through those platforms.


Sometimes your opportunities are ones you have to really work for. Not everything is going to fall perfectly into your lap. The best ones may take some time, but your effort will be worth it in the end.