Generating Newsletter Leads



How do you generate newsletter leads?


The most thorough way to generate leads is from your newsletter. You can collect names and email addresses when they sign up, and that provides a list of people who are already interested in what you have to say. The biggest hurdle with this is getting people to sign up for your newsletter.


Many people are hesitant to share their emails due to the risk of spam and their information being sold. Being compliant with your newsletter and website platform is the make-or-break to gain new subscribers. Adding an addendum at the bottom of your signup page that guarantees their information won’t be shared goes a long way.


The quickest way to generate leads is through social media. If you have even a single successful video or post, it can be shown to millions of people in a few days. This is great for creating traffic to you and your profiles but may take a while to be effective. The challenging part of social media is getting people to click on your profile or your website. Because many videos and posts are meant to be consumed quickly, you have to have attention grabbing content.


Adding a shortcut link in your bio that leads directly to your newsletter signup is a good idea. Making sure that your page for that signup is clear and easy to find on your website. A poorly designed website is the worst thing you can do in today’s digital age. Check out other successful author’s websites for inspiration and examples.


Pairing with another author or established account to promote yourself is also a great way to generate leads. Make sure that whoever you connect with complements the type of work that you publish. Self-help? Try merging with a counselor. Fantasy novels? Try joining up with a cosplayer or fan account. You still may generate some new followers and subscribers if the match is off, but the right pairing will result in an increase in traffic for you.


Generating leads takes time. There is no magic, overnight solution. You want these leads to be genuine to benefit you in the long term. Keep trying new things, and most importantly, keep creating content and maintain engagement on the platforms that you use.