New Year, New Marketing Plan



The start of the New Year brings with it ideas of starting over, of resolutions, of improving oneself, and of having a better year than the last. You may already have your personal resolutions, author, but what about professional ones?


Thinking critically of how last year went for you, what do you need to work on?


If your first thought was “My marketing plan”, you are probably correct. If your marketing last year was a success, that’s wonderful! Take what worked best from that and figure out a strategy for the new year.


If your marketing last year worked only ok, or not at all, take into account several things to better improve this year.


When did you start your marketing? Was it in the middle of summer or right before Christmas? Immediately before your latest release or after?


How often did you check your statistics? Every week? Once a month? Whenever you remembered you had statistics to check?


What platforms were you using? Which ones had the most impact and the most engagement? Each platform has different types of engagement, and different types of potential readers. These are important things to pay attention to, and curate your marketing to.


What type of graphics and text accompanied your marketing? Did you only have your book cover and a review? Did you have your headshot and a brief description of your work?


Did you work with any accounts? Or did you just pay for ads?


Take some time to reflect critically on all of these aspects. Make lists, make notes, and make a plan. Effort directly affects the success of your marketing, author. If only it were so easy to create an ad, send it out into the technologic ether, and wait for book sales to roll in. Think of this as your professional resolution for the new year. You must set a plan into action and stick to it.