The Author and Authenticity



One of the greatest pretenses of social media is seeing social accounts with thousands or millions of followers. They make it look easy to succeed with few posts to follower ratio.


Success is not an easy formula that results in overnight fame. Success is showing up, posting regularly, engaging followers, and building relationships.


You may follow these accounts because of what they offer. You may want to emulate them. There is nothing wrong with ambition, author, or setting goals for yourself. Allow yourself to grow authentically.


Take time to look at the successful accounts. Some have done the work. Some have lucked out with an affiliation that propelled them to fame. Some have purchased followers.


Authenticity takes dedication and constant effort to move forward. Keep that in mind the next time you are feeling substandard. Don’t let the imaginary shadow of someone digitally famous taint that.


Your journey is your own. No one else will have the same experiences you do. Make the most of that wisdom and create something that is unique to you. After all, that is the blessing of being human: the ability to create extraordinary things. Enjoy who you are and what you can accomplish.