Your Author Brand and You


Building your brand as an author is crucial. But trying to balance that with who you are as a person can be challenging.


Author branding is for you to distinguish yourself from other authors. Your books are unique, just like you, and your brand should reflect this. Think about your personal flair, your logo, your presentation, and your tagline and hashtags. These all need to be unique and match your personality, author.


Do you want to be known as just another author in X genre? Or do you want to be known as the author in X genre who specializes in thoughtful character connections, riveting storylines, and dramatic twists? Figure out what makes you unique in your genre and maximize it.


Think about the famous authors in your favorite genre. They all have consistency and recognition in common. Sure, they may have been around for a while to establish that, but they have also crafted their brand and stuck with it. That could be you.


Your author brand is your chance to connect with potential readers. What they see in your brand and in your profiles is what will draw them to you. Pique their interest with solid author branding.


Don’t be afraid to ask your peers and colleagues for an audit of your brand. A 3rd party assessment may be just what you need to hammer out the details of what makes your brand unique and eye-catching.