Your End of the Year Check-in



It’s been a long 12 months and your journey, author, has been a wonderful one full of progress and challenges. It is important to celebrate your success and development, but it is also important to take a critical look at everything that has transpired. As the end of the year approaches, make sure that you are checking in, not checking out. Taking a break is encouraged and often necessary, but do not let that influence your start for the new year.


Do a full audit of your website. Make sure that all of your information is still up to date and that all the links work. How is your blog? Are people reading your posts? Engaging with you? What about your newsletter? Which one had the most success? The least success? Look at your open rate and your unsubscribe rate versus the content. Have you been sharing content that engages your audience? You may need to brainstorm new ideas for content for the new year.


Check in with your social media accounts, all of them. Do your links still work? Is everything up to date? Did you utilize the schedulers? How did your posts perform? What could you post more of? Less of? Think about what your audience wants to see from you.


Did you buy any ads? Were they helpful in generating traffic? Consider changing up the platforms that you buy ads on. If you didn’t delve into ads, maybe this coming year is the time to engage in advertisements and book giveaways.


How did your latest publication do? What are the reviews saying? Are you thanking your readers for their contributions and thoughts? Make sure you make time in the new year to engage your reviewers.


Your check-in with yourself, your website, your social media accounts, and your work is exhausting and time consuming. Unfortunately, it is a necessity if you are to continue towards bigger and better things. Your check-in is not something that can happen in one afternoon. Make time to perform a full audit of every avenue that could lead to you.


As the year comes to a close, celebrate what you have accomplished. Make notes of changes that are necessary to your success, and be prepared to implement them.