How can you generate excitement and interest in your newest project without giving too much away?



This is a hard aspect of new projects! You’re really excited and want to share it with the world, absolutely. But if you give too much away, what will entice your audience to want to read it?


Self control is the biggest hurdle for something like this. Consulting with your editor or project manager is a great start. They will have different ideas about what is too much information to share and what could help generate more interest.


If you are working on content about your newest project (newsletter, blog post, social media update, etc.) make sure to take a step back before you publish it. Look at it with fresh eyes and see if it reveals too much. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to look at your content and see if they think it might ruin any surprises, or if it will result in intrigue.


Sharing excerpts and snippets is a great way to not reveal too much while also maintaining interest. Start with the synopsis and gradually work up to larger sections of text. Make sure that each aspect you are sharing is just vague enough to not reveal any major plot points, but is also interesting enough to make people want more.


Your cover art just got finalized, yay! Put a hold on sharing that until you talk to your editor. If you think that your audience will be chomping at the bit to read your book once they see it, share that insight with your manager and see what their professional opinion is.


Utilize your newsletter to share more sneak peeks. Only those who are signed up will receive these rare updates. This may be the first place to reveal the cover art, and later share that on social media. Your newsletter is also the best place to include pre-order information. Let your newsletter subscribers feel extra special and give them the snippets first.


Sharing information about your newest project is a very fine line to walk, especially before it is available for purchase. Make sure that you are extremely critical of every update you share. You don’t want to reveal too much too soon.