What is the purpose of your newsletter?



Ask yourself this: what is the purpose of your newsletter?


Are you trying to engage with your audience?

Are you trying to increase the traffic to your website?

Are you trying to promote your books?

Is it a platform to inform your readers on your progress?

Is it your monthly “Here’s what I’ve been up to” update?

Is it an outlet for the thoughts trapped in your head?


Be honest with yourself for the purpose of your newsletter.


Typically, newsletters are for self-promotion and professional updates. But we live in a very personal, digital age. There’s nothing wrong with your newsletters having personal moments in them, but if that’s all they are, consider moving those to your blog.


Pay attention to metrics. What open rate do you have? What about unsubscribes? Is there a pattern with your metrics and your content? You may have to play around with the content until you find a good balance.


Don’t be afraid to ask your subscribers for input. What would they like to read about? What do they want more of? If they do respond, respond back! Thank them for their time and input, even if it doesn’t help you.


You will not find an easy answer for the purpose of your newsletter. It is a personal and professional mix of information that you write and share. You may not figure out what you want out of your newsletter until your 6th one. And that’s ok! Practice makes perfect, and paying attention and making changes will help you figure out exactly what purpose your newsletter serves.