Planning for a Productive New Year



It can be easy to fall back into old routines following the holiday season. The new year brings with it cold weather and even harsher realities. The most important thing you can do now, author, is to be ahead of the game and plan for your most productive year yet.


The new year brings new beginnings and new opportunities. Make sure that you are ready for these.


If you are a planner, it may be easier to figure out what you need to do differently this year than last. If you rely more on spontaneity and inspiration, maybe this year is what pushes you into thinking about your long-term goals and taking steps towards turning them into a reality.


The first step for planning a productive year is to take stock of your current projects. What can you accomplish first? What is easiest? What will take you the most time and energy? Pay attention and take notes.


The harder part is planning for future projects. You may have some new ideas bouncing around already, and that’s wonderful. Take the time to map those out. Discuss with your editor or project manager and get a game plan.


Following up on your year-end check-in, what needs work? What needs more attention? What do you need to change? Be honest with yourself and make a plan.


Success never comes easily; it takes constant effort. Make sure that you, author, are taking the time to look for and prepare for new opportunities. Falling into the same routine can be dangerous for your success. Be mindful, be open, and most importantly, be adventurous.