Petite Productivity



We all hit a wall sometimes in our productivity, but every minute counts, especially if you are working toward success, author.


What are some things you can do to be productive when you are feeling exhausted?


  1. Check your spam folder. You may have missed an email from a fan or a podcast wanting to interview you.
  2. Clean up your desktop and your downloads folder.
  3. Clean up your workspace. Clutter can add to your overload, and a clean and organized space can help prepare you for your next productive session.
  4. Check your message requests on social media. You may have an opportunity or a chance to connect that you haven’t seen yet.
  5. Have you updated your profile photo recently? If not, dress up and have a self portrait session. Utilize different photo settings on your camera and have fun.
  6. Struggling to put words to the page? Step outside and write haiku or short form poetry about your surroundings.
  7. Have a self-care day. Make your favorite beverage, curl up with your favorite book, and listen to your favorite music. Self-care is necessary for productivity.


The small things you do to help yourself when you’re feeling out of sorts will make a difference in the long run. There are days you know you need to work, to do something, but can’t bring yourself to it, and that’s ok. Consider a few of these options the next time you hit a wall.