What are some ways that you can utilize social media for self-promotion?



Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok permit live videos. There are specific stipulations you must meet to do this type of video. If you meet these requirements, consider doing a reading from your newest book. Find book and literary accounts that do live videos with authors and submit yourself. Make sure that these accounts work in your favor and are similar to what you are writing. A self-help themed account will not be the best option if you are writing cookbooks or dark fantasy, for example.


When you publish content about your book or series, make sure the hashtags you use are consistent. Find other people that are using those same hashtags, and repost, retweet, or remix that content, especially if it’s a review. Tag them if you mention them or their post. Create a dialogue. Be introduced to new fans.


Don’t dismiss podcasts. Find several that match your genre and do your research. Make sure it will work in your favor. Submit yourself to be on a podcast.


Does your local bookstore or library have a presence on social media? Reach out and see if they host events like book signings or readings. Get yourself on their list.


Most importantly, do not dismiss any social media influencer/peer/bookstagram, etc., account. If you are rejected, kindly thank them for their time. You do not want to burn a bridge that could be an opportunity in the future. Kindness, patience, and gratitude will get you far.