Socializing for Success



Do you prefer to stay home and only venture out for the essentials? It’s wonderful to stay in your own bubble, of course, but that won’t help you become a known author and authorpreneur.


Socializing is an important part of success. Self-promotion, connections, and new readers begin with you, the author. If you are not the most outgoing person on the planet, forcing yourself to be social can be a challenge.


Start small. Engage on your social media platforms. Respond to emails and messages. Get comfortable with digital socialization.


Venture out to your local bookstore and library. Introduce yourself as a local author, make connections, socialize with the people who are most likely to support you. Do they have copies of your book? If they don’t, ask how you can add your book to their shelves.


What about your local coffee shop, hardware store, grocery store, etc.? It is time to create a one-sheet. Introduce yourself to management and ask if you can hang your one-sheet in an authorized area. Add a QR code to your one-sheet that leads directly to your website with information about how to purchase your book.


Thinking bigger, maybe it's time to do a live video on your social media? Or get interviewed on a podcast or by a local news source? These are great ways to socialize with a smaller immediate crowd to gain larger exposure down the road. If this idea stresses you, ask a trusted friend or colleague to rehearse with you so you become comfortable speaking about yourself and your book.


Stepping outside of your comfort zone is difficult, but you, the author, will gain much from putting yourself out there. You will be limited in growth if you don’t reach out and try. One step at a time, one handshake at a time, one goal at a time. Soon you will be a natural at self-promotion and will have the book visibility and confidence to show for it.