Maximizing Your Productivity with Social Media



After a long day of getting words to pages, it’s understandable that you want to take a break and turn your brain off. But this is usually the best time to sit down and take a look at your monthly plan and check in with your social media accounts.


When you are in the zone and are being productive for your next project, your brain is already active. You may have hit your limit in actual writing, but utilizing the residual brain power you have is the perfect way to get ahead and maintain your online presence.


If the idea of logging on to your platforms seems too much at the end of a long day, take small steps instead. Write down a few post ideas that you can work on next time. Think of something that you haven’t shared an update about in a while (your garden, your to-be-read list, your DIY bookshelf, etc.).


If you are someone that likes to take breaks while you’re working, consider using some of that time to log on to your accounts and scroll through content that you follow. Engage, engage, engage. Like and comment on posts you connect with. Utilize the save feature for posts that inspire you that you can come back to later and either re-share the post or re-work it for your platform. Don’t forget about the scheduling feature! That can shave hours off your day that you can redirect towards other productive tasks.


It’s very easy to doom-scroll even if you are taking a short break. Setting a 10 or 15 minute timer is a great way to make sure that you are not spending too much of your productive time getting sucked into the never ending feed that is social media. If you find yourself drained after spending time on social media and not able to get back to your same productivity levels, consider checking in on your accounts at the end of your workday.


Your social media accounts are still a part of your work. Building your brand and platform takes time and commitment. Scheduling time to maintain your accounts is often the best way to maximize your productivity. Add it to your daily work list and treat it as part of your job, because it is.


Finding the balance can be challenging. You may need to try a few different things to find a system that works. Once you get into a routine that is beneficial for you, it makes it so much easier to maintain an online presence.